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  • OUT NOW: The first single of my Munich Session recreates “Today and it’s gone”, one of my first compositions to become reflective of my style as a pianist and a composer. Available here for download/streaming here.

    Originally written for my sophomore record »All your life you walk«, this piece creates a dense, polyrhythmic pattern structure that serves as a harmonic foundation to support a strong, song-like melody that evolves over the course of the music. It is one of the few older compositions that I am still playing to this day.


  • Carlos Cipa
    Correlations B-Sides (on Yamaha Upright, 1981) [DIGITAL]
    Warner Classics, 20.11.2020 Listen here
    • Dreamlessly (variation) 03:44
    • Surges (variation) 05:20
    • Playful (variation) 03:18
    • My fellow creatures 03:25
  • Carlos Cipa
    Correlations (on 11 pianos) [LP|CD|DIGITAL]
    Warner Classics, 11.09.2020 Buy here
    • Promenade I (on Blüthner Grand, 1935) 01:05
    • Dreamlessly (on Blüthner Grand, 1935) 05:28
    • Sable sonatina I (on Bechstein Grand, 1898) 01:35
    • Fantasia on Bach (on Steinway Grand, 1975) 02:55
    • Promenade II (on Collard & Collard, 1840) 01:44
    • Sitting at a dead piano, trying to find some notes that work 01:43
    • I wanted you to know (on Yamaha Upright, 1981) 04:33
    • We tell ourselves stories in order to listen (on Yamaha Upright, 1981) 06:27
    • Promenade III (on Yamaha Upright, 1981) 01:24
    • Untitled (on Fender Rhodes, 1976) 04:07
    • Surges (on Broadwood Grand, 1875) 07:32
    • Playful (on Pleyel Grand, 1834) 04:08
    • Sable sonatina II (on Bechstein Grand, 1898) 01:29
    • Stairwell, 11:30 p.m. (on Zierold Grand, 1900) 03:03
    • Promenade IV (on Pleyel Grand, 1834) 01:38
    • Forgotten in the attic (on Ritter Upright, 1920) 04:51
  • Runden
    Runden [LP|DIGITAL]
    Squama, 14.08.2020 Buy here
    • + 04:58
    • Am Rande 06:43
    • Mikado 04:58
    • Horch 02:16
    • Samt 06:38
    • Parallellen 04:59
    • Lasso 05:12
  • Carlos Cipa
    Retronyms B-Sides [DIGITAL]
    Warner Classics, 24.01.2020 Buy here
    • arkata 04:18
    • dark tree (Solo Piano Version) 04:34
    • senna's joy (Solo Piano Version) 06:16
  • Carlos Cipa
    Retronyms [LP|CD|DIGITAL]
    Warner Classics, 23.08.2019 Buy here
    • fanfare 00:52
    • senna's joy 12:55
    • mame 02:20
    • and she was 07:23
    • awbsmi 01:39
    • slide. 11:48
    • dark tree 06:33
    • paon 05:38
  • Carlos Cipa
    Sculptures [DIGITAL]
    1631 Recordings, 2017 Buy here
    • The Place Where They Go 04:19
    • Fragile Window 04:58
    • Lilac Threads 03:23
    • Strana 03:24
    • And Gently Drops the Rain 06:05
    • For They Had Things To Say 04:58
    • Nowhere To Be Found 06:48
  • Carlos Cipa & Occupanther
    Trow [DIGITAL]
    self-released, 2016 Buy here
    • Trow 05:10
    • Araukarie 09:46
    • Branches 06:40
    • Mild Resonance 03:49
  • Carlos Cipa
    All Your Life You Walk [LP|CD|DIGITAL]
    Denovali Records, 2014 Buy here
    • Fragment #1 01:18
    • And gently drops the rain 04:30
    • Hang on to your lights 09:50
    • Secret longing 04:38
    • Fragment #2 01:23
    • For they had things to say 04:35
    • Needle in a doll 06:01
    • Fragment #3 01:21
    • A broken light for every heart 06:24
    • Fragment #4 01:30
    • Step out from time 05:20
    • Today and it's gone 04:31
    • Fragment #5 00:58
    • Nowhere to be found 06:03
    • Fragment #6 01:30
  • Carlos Cipa & Sophia Jani
    Relive [LP|CD|DIGITAL]
    Denovali Records, 2014 Buy here
    • Anouk's Dream 13:33
    • Whatever A Sun Will Always Sing 09:43
  • Carlos Cipa
    The Monarch and the Viceroy [LP|CD|DIGITAL]
    Denovali Records, 2012 Buy here
    • Perfect Circles
    • The Whole Truth 05:25
    • The Monarch and the Viceroy 06:48
    • Human Stain 02:39
    • Morning Love 02:42
    • In Place of Anger 04:58
    • Nocturne 02:04
    • Cold Night 03:53
    • Lost and Delirious 03:45
    • Lie With Me 05:59
    • Wide and Moving 04:47
    • The Dream 05:36

Sheet Music

  • Carlos Cipa
    The Monarch and the Viceroy [76 pages or PDF]
    Sheet Music Book, 2012 buy via email
    • Perfect Circles
    • The Whole Truth
    • The Monarch and The Viceroy
    • Human Stain
    • Morning Love
    • In Place of Anger
    • Nocturne
    • Cold Night
    • Lost and Delirious
    • Lie With Me
    • Wide and Moving
    • The Dream



  • Film

    • Die Goldfische 2019

      Feature film directed by Alireza Golafshan

    • Lovers of the Night 2018

      Documentary directed by Anna Frances Ewert

    • Maalstrom 2018

      Documentary directed by Misja Pekel

    • 5vor12 2017

      TV Series (Arte/BR/KIKA) directed by Niklas Weise and Christoph Pilsl

    • Geschwister 2016

      Feature film (Arte/ZDF) directed by Markus Mörth

    • Fragmente einer Trauerarbeit 2016

      Documentary short directed by Patrick Holzapfel

    • Thumb 2016

      Short film directed by Moritz Binder

    • Es ist mehr ein Gefühl 2012

      Short film directed by Patrick Holzapfel

    • Phantasma - Die Macht der Träume 2011

      Short film directed by Anil Kizilbuga

    • Lebende Tote 2010

      Short film directed by Anil Kizilbuga

  • Commercial

    • VW - See the Unseen 2020

      Directed by Niclas Larsson, Cinematography by Linus Sandgren

  • Dance

    • Loops, 13min. 2013

      Contemporary Dance Performance, choreography by Oliver Zahn, IWANSON International School of Contemporary Dance, Munich

  • Theatre

    • 4.48 Psychose 2013

      Play by Sarah Kane, directed by Levin Handschuh, Akademietheater, Munich


Carlos Cipa is a Munich-based composer and pianist. He has been classically trained on the piano and studied contemporary classical composition at the University of Music and Performing Arts in Munich. During his teenage years, he started playing  drums and gained experience as a member of various bands. Experimenting with different styles of music, he turned back to the piano as his main instrument, facilitating him to find his way throughout composition and improvisation, before releasing his debut »The Monarch and the Viceroy« and sophomore record »All your life you walk« on Denovali Records in 2012 and 2014. In 2019, Cipa released »Retronyms«, his third studio album that expanded his artistic approach as well as his colour palette, bringing together his background as a classically trained pianist and composer with his interest for pop, jazz and electronic music in all its diverse facets.

His new album »Correlations (on 11 Pianos)« is yet again a return to the piano. Every day Carlos Cipa is on tour, he sets aside at least half an hour to familiarise himself with the piano on which he’ll perform. He sits there improvising, playing with total freedom as he tests out the weight of its keys, the timbre of its strings, the feel of its pedals, getting to know its charms and quirks. To many of us, one instrument sounds much like another, unless its design has been adapted for a specific purpose or age has taken its toll. To Cipa, though, each represents a new opportunity.

This is evident on Cipa’s fourth album, »Correlations (on 11 Pianos)«, and in its captivating diversity of moods. From »We Tell Ourselves Stories In Order To Listen«’s grand romance to »Fantasia On Bach«’s subtle elegance, via the almost comedic yet ghostly »Sitting On A Dead Piano, Trying To Find Some Notes That Work« to the deeply touching »I Wanted You To Know«, it’s a mesmerising, moving collection. Providing a distillation of the parallels to which the album’s title draws attention, its central theme is provided by four iterations of a piece called »Promenade«, a deceivingly simplistic melody which provokes a contrasting emotional response with each version.
»I find it fascinating how each piano is different from the next,« says the 30-year-old Munich-based composer. »Some instruments really open up your creativity. To play on a lot of different ones is the best way to come up with new ideas. Obviously, I really enjoy playing a proper Steinway or a Bösendorfer: you can control every aspect of your playing. But personally, I have nothing against a weird old piano that’s a bit honky-tonky, yet creates a certain atmosphere you could never manage on a perfect instrument. One time, I played in Budapest on a very old upright, and the sound of the instrument was fantastic. I chose to play with no microphones, and somehow it touched the whole audience so much that at least half of the people – including me, I’ll admit! – started crying in the middle of the concert.«
It’s this fascination which drives »Correlations«. Having begun playing at an early age – he started lessons at the age of six – Cipa launched his recording career in 2012 with a solo piano album, » The Monarch And The Viceroy«. Since then – beginning with 2014’s »All Your Life You Walk« – he has expanded his artistic range, collecting instruments and building his own studio, culminating in 2019’s »Retronyms«, an album he describes as »dedicated to the idea of creating my own sound world«. With this new release, however, he has decided to return, in a sense, to his roots. »I wanted to simplify the process,« he says, »by focusing again on the piano, but spreading the concept.«
For »Correlations«, Cipa carefully selected six grand pianos, three uprights, a square piano and a Rhodes. Each has its own distinct character: a 1975 C-Model Steinway, he says, »might be the most perfect instrument I’ve ever played on,« while he praises a 1981 Yamaha upright for its »soft and satiny« quality. He fell for one particular instrument, an 1834 Pleyel grand, the moment he touched its keys, its brittle sound provoking an immediate urge to record it, while an 1875 Broadwood grand, originally shipped to Germany from an English manor house, was chosen for its »historic wooden sound«. There’s also a worn-out, turn-of-the-twentieth-century Zierold grand that stands in the stairwell of the Wolfenbüttel Prinzenpalais’ main hall in Lower Saxony, Germany; a WWII-era Ritter upright left abandoned in an attic; and even an ancient instrument now used to display concert fliers, whose casing, he discovered, hid a filigree of spiderwebs.
Cipa notes that his decision to employ these instruments has sometimes provoked disbelief. For him, though, a piano offers far more than just a keyboard. Instead, he sees it as »a string and percussion instrument, the most versatile there is. I’ve always been an explorer, and it’s the most rewarding thing to look for sounds in the instrument that’s right in front of you.« His work, of course, has always been motivated by his curiosity. As a teenager, he briefly turned his back on the instrument, seating himself instead behind a drum set as his interests broadened to include pop, rock, electronic and ambient music. Even while later studying classical composition at Munich’s University of Music & Performing Arts, he found himself frustrated by convention, but rather than finding this inhibiting, he welcomed it as a challenge. »I think everybody who grows up playing classical music turns out a bit weird,« he laughs. »I found a way of being free of it, by playing in bands, experiencing youth culture in a punk, hardcore, DIY scene around the time I was 16-18, but also by searching for new things on my main instrument. This was what really got me going.«
Cipa embraces the eccentricities of each individual instrument, and he detects in this a subtle, socio-political message. »In all music,« he argues, »there should be elements of irritation and unpredictability, of not getting used to a certain idea. I want the listener to remain attentive and wary, to be creative, to make up their own mind. I always strive to stay mindful as a composer, not to fall in love with a concept that works: to find new possibilities, to work outside structures, to work against the system. We’re all too comfortably adjusted to algorithms. We need art that’s free and uncompromised.«
Another feature both creative and practical is Cipa’s decision to incorporate the recording process – or, as he calls it, »the moment« – into the album’s aesthetic. He and engineer Jan Brett kept their set up as simple as possible to remain flexible: »Promenade II«, for instance, was recorded on a Philipps cassette recorder, and »Promenade IV« on a mini-cassette recorder, while, for Promenade III«, they used an Assman Dimaphone, a 1954 device »where you use a magnetic vinyl record that can be rerecorded on. We simultaneously recorded with mics and the machine, then recorded the results through its speaker. I think it sounds magical.«
In a strange sense, process became part of the process. The sounds of the instruments themselves, like the metal plates of »Untitled«’s Rhodes piano, are integral to »Correlations«, as are those of the machines used to capture them. On »Promenade IV«, Brett can be heard switching the machine on and off, or fast-forwarding the tape past a snippet of Cipa practising Bach, and the shortcomings of a Nagra reel-to-reel were assimilated for the resulting, eerie decay. Cipa also prepared a 1898 Bechstein for the two »Sable Sonatinas« using Blu-tak, despite having restricted himself on previous recordings to manual techniques like plucking or strumming strings. Indeed, even the album’s titles document their genesis in one way or another. »I nearly always gave a piece a name directly,« he explains. »Sometimes I chose one which seemed fitting from a list I keep, like »We Tell Ourselves Stories In Order To Listen«, while some, like »Surges« or »Sitting On A Dead Piano, Trying To Find Some Notes That Work«, describe the piece itself or the moment of recording.«
As well as Cipa’s own Beatschuppen Studio in Munich, »Correlations« – which was mixed and mastered by Martyn Heyne – was recorded in two further locations: Die Villa, a cultural centre in Pinswang, a small Austrian village near the German border where he spent many of his childhood holidays, and the Prinzenpalais in Wolfenbüttel, which offers a beautiful wood-panelled concert hall and stores a number of restored antique instruments. »The guy who runs the place seems to be a real enthusiast who apparently has even more at home,« he jokes. »I have to check them out next time!«
Though it’s undeniably a forward-looking album, whose imaginative approach separates it from other »crossover« piano music released in recent years, Cipa’s choices lend the album an uncanny air of nostalgia. It is one that echoes the work of William Basinski and Ian William Craig, but also the multiple other influences that have helped shape it, from Egberto Gismonti to David Bowie, from The Beatles to Boards Of Canada. Ultimately it’s an intuitive collection which boldly blurs the boundaries between composition, performance and procedure.
»Intuition is an aspect of art that is currently rather underrated,« Cipa concludes. »I try to sharpen my sense for everything surrounding me every day – by listening to records, studying scores, reading books, watching movies, being political – so I’m able to make the right choice at the right moment. This album is basically the sum of a lot of these intuitively decided moments.« A showcase of the instrument’s infinite potential, »Correlations (on 11 Pianos)« is proof that Carlos Cipa can bring a still piano to life.




  • 24.10.20 Landsberg a. Lech (de) - Stadttheater
  • 11.10.20 Berlin (de) - Volksbühne
  • 17.09.20 München (de) - Sommerbühne im Olympiastadion
  • 08.05.20 Facebook/Instagram/Youtube - Livingroom Livestream 19.00h
  • 24.04.20 Facebook/Instagram/Youtube - Livingroom Livestream 17.00h
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  • 22.11.19 Zurich (ch) - Exil
  • 21.11.19 Lucerne (ch) - Südpol
  • 20.11.19 Antwerpen (be) - Arenberg
  • 17.11.19 Leuven (be) - Artkom
  • 16.11.19 Hasselt (be) - CCHA
  • 15.11.19 Amsterdam (nl) - Sous 623
  • 09.11.19 Leipzig (de) - Horns Erben
  • 08.11.19 Praha (cz) - Palac Akropolis
  • 04.10.19 Dublin (ie) - Pavilion Theatre
  • 03.10.19 London (uk) - St. Pancras Old Church
  • 30.09.19 Cologne (de) - Wohngemeinschaft
  • 29.09.19 Den Haag (nl) - Paard
  • 28.09.19 Wiesbaden (de) - Museum
  • 27.09.19 Munich (de) - Ampere
  • 26.09.19 Vienna (at) - WAVES Vienna Festival
  • 25.09.19 Vienna (at) - Porgy & Bess
  • 23.09.19 Dresden (de) - Jazzclub Tonne
  • 21.09.19 Berlin (de) - Roter Salon
  • 20.09.19 Lund (se) - Kvarnen
  • 19.09.19 Hamburg (de) - Reeperbahn Festival
  • 17.09.19 Krün (de) - Schloss Elmau
  • 14.09.19 Kranj (si) - Pianopolis Festival
  • 05.05.19 Bruxelles (be) - Le Botanique
  • 14.04.19 Leipzig (de) - Neues Schauspiel
  • 12.04.19 Jena (de) - Trafo


  • 23.06.18 Wolfenbüttel (de) - Prinzenpalais
  • 19.05.18 Olomouc (cz) - Jazz Tibet Club /w. Occupanther
  • 09.05.18 München (de) - Frameworks Festival /w. Occupanther
  • 22.04.18 Dresden (de) - Beatpol
  • 21.04.18 Kortrijk (be) - Night Air Festival
  • 13.04.18 Potsdam (de) - Q3 Ambientfest
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  • 05.04.18 Dublin (ie) - Bello Bar /w. Occupanther
  • 31.03.18 Luxembourg (lu) - Brandbau
  • 16.02.18 Landsberg a. Lech (de) - Stadttheater /w. Occupanther
  • 10.02.18 Nürnberg (de) - Künstlerhaus /w. Occupanther
  • 07.02.18 Praha (cz) - Spectaculare Festival /w. Occupanther
  • 06.02.18 Praha (cz) - Specaculare Festival
  • 03.02.18 Münster (de) - Pianeo Festival /w. Ensemble


  • 18.11.17 Berlin (de) - Silent Green /w. Ensemble
  • 20.10.17 Paris (fr) - Les trois baudets
  • 20.05.17 Graz (at) - Graz Museum
  • 22.04.17 Stade (de) - Hanse Song Festival
  • 29.03.17 Erlangen (de) - E-Werk
  • 14.01.17 Terracina (it) - Ribbon Club


  • 13.12.16 Antwerpen (be) - De Roma
  • 12.12.16 Bruxelles (be) - Le Botanique
  • 11.12.16 Utrecht (nl) - Tivoli Vredenburg
  • 23.09.16 Hamburg (de) - Reeperbahn Festival
  • 22.09.16 Hamburg (de) - Resonanzraum
  • 18.06.16 München (de) - St. Maximilian Kirche
  • 11.06.16 Lichtensteig (ch) - Behind the Bush Prod.
  • 18.05.16 Hannover (de) - Kunstfestspiele Herrenhausen
  • 28.01.16 Köln (de) - Ambient Festival


  • 21.11.15 Bochum (de) - Christuskirche
  • 20.11.15 Bielefeld (de) - Nummer Zu Platz
  • 19.11.15 Landau (de) - Universität Audimax
  • 29.10.15 Hamburg (de) - Golem
  • 28.10.15 Bremen (de) - Kito
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  • 23.10.15 Bamberg (de) - ERBA-Campus
  • 22.10.15 Brno (cz) - Forum for architecture and media
  • 21.10.15 Olomouc (cz) - Jazz Tibet Club
  • 19.10.15 Budapest (hu) - Bakelit Multi Art Center
  • 18.10.15 Bratislava (sk) - Ateliere Babylon
  • 17.10.15 Kaltern (it) - Kaltern Pop Festival
  • 16.10.15 Pinswang (at) - Die Villa
  • 14.10.15 Lyon (fr) - Periscope
  • 12.10.15 Torino (it) - Superbudda
  • 11.10.15 Marostica (it) - Panic Jazz Club
  • 10.10.15 Luzern (ch) - Südpol
  • 09.10.15 Winterthur (ch) - Gaswerk
  • 08.10.15 München (de) - Milla
  • 04.10.15 Essen (de) - Weststadthalle
  • 19.09.15 Hannover (de) - Tastentage
  • 16.09.15 Hasselt (be) - Culturzentrum
  • 28.08.15 Torino (it) - Todays Festival
  • 15.08.15 Leuven (be) - Museum M
  • 26.07.15 Hamburg (de) - Symfotronik Festival
  • 23.05.15 Milano (it) - Piano City Milan
  • 15.05.15 Köln (de) - Stadtgarten
  • 13.05.15 Utrecht (nl) - Tivoli Vredenburg
  • 09.05.15 Landsberg (de) - Stadttheater
  • 08.05.15 Karlsruhe (de) - Jubez
  • 12.03.15 Leuven (be) - 30cc
  • 18.01.15 Bochum (de) - Christuskirche


  • 20.12.14 London (uk) - Cafe Oto
  • 19.12.14 Manningtree (uk) - North House Gallery
  • 16.12.14 Bristol (uk) - Cube Cinema
  • 15.12.14 Leuven (be) - Huiskamer Concert
  • 14.12.14 Karlsruhe (de) - Jubez
  • 13.12.14 Berlin (de) - Grüner Salon
  • 12.12.14 Dresden (de) - Scheune
  • 11.12.14 Hannover (de) - Feinkost Lampe
  • 10.12.14 Münster (de) - Westfälisches Landesmuseum
  • 21.11.14 Utrecht (nl) - Le Guess Who? Festival
  • 06.09.14 Düsseldorf (de) - Weltkunstzimmer
  • 17.08.14 Hamburg (de) - Dockville Festival
  • 09.08.14 Haldern (de) - Haldern Pop Festival
  • 06.06.14 Praha (cz) - Palac Akropolis
  • 05.06.14 Budapest (hu) - Bakelit Multi Art Center
  • 04.06.14 Bratislava (sk) - Slovenského rozhlasu
  • 25.05.14 Genève (ch) - La Gavière
  • 05.04.14 Ventspils (lv) - Theatre "Juras Varti"
  • 04.04.14 Daugavpils (lv) - Rothko Art Centre
  • 03.04.14 Cesis (lv) - The Exhibition Hall
  • 30.03.14 Terracina (it) - Sala Valadier
  • 29.03.14 Roma (it) - Liberia del cinema
  • 28.03.14 Pescara (it) - Museo Laboratiorio
  • 26.03.14 Marostica (it) - Panic Jazz Club
  • 25.03.14 Milano (it) - 75 Beat
  • 26.01.14 Köln (de) - Ambient Festival


  • 23.11.13 Darmstadt (de) - Centralstation
  • 12.10.13 Winterthur (ch) - Villa Sträuli
  • 10.10.13 Münster (de) - Black Box
  • 09.10.13 Berlin (de) - Tastenclub
  • 07.10.13 Bruxelles (be) - Ancienne Belgique
  • 04.10.13 Essen (de) - Weststadthalle
  • 01.06.13 Gdansk (pl) - Club Zak
  • 31.05.13 Olomouc (cz) - Jazz Tibet Club
  • 30.05.13 Praha (cz) - Palac Akropolis
  • 29.05.13 Budapest (hu) - Akvárium Klub
  • 28.05.13 Bratislava (sk) - Atelier Babylon
  • 26.05.13 Varano Borghi (it) - La Sauna Studio
  • 24.05.13 München (de) - Einstein Kultur
  • 21.04.13 London (uk) - Scala
  • 13.04.13 München (de) - Stadtmuseum
  • 05.04.13 Berlin (de) - Radialsystem V
  • 26.02.13 Nürnberg (de) - Neues Museum
  • 16.01.13 München (de) - Wohnzimmerkonzert


  • 28.11.12 Freiburg (de) - galerie g19i
  • 27.11.12 Paris (fr) - L'Espace B
  • 26.11.12 Bruxelles (be) - Rue Forestière 20
  • 25.11.12 Münster (de) - Fachwerk
  • 24.11.12 Berlin (de) - Tiefgrund
  • 23.11.12 Praha (cz) - Café v lese
  • 22.11.12 Dresden (de) - Scheune
  • 20.11.12 Essen (de) - Weststadthalle
  • 19.11.12 Hamburg (de) - Westwerk
  • 18.11.12 München (de) - Gallerie Heitsch
  • 07.10.12 Essen (de) - Weststadthalle
  • 05.10.12 Nürnberg (de) - K4 Zentralcafé
  • 04.10.12 Dresden (de) - Beatpol
  • 03.10.12 Bratislava (sk) - U Ocka
  • 02.10.12 Budapest (sk) - Akvárium Klub
  • 01.10.12 Freising (de) - Abseits
  • 30.09.12 Liège (be) - Le Garage
  • 06.07.12 Landsberg a. Lech (de) - Stadttheater
  • 17.06.12 München (de) - Schlafwagengesellschaft
  • 11.05.12 Essen (de) - PACT Zollverein
  • 24.03.12 Stuttgart (de) - Juha West
  • 02.02.12 Berlin (de) - Schokoladen


  • 05.10.11 Nürnberg (de) - Neues Museum
  • 02.10.11 Terneuzen (nl) - Vestzaktheater de Paerdestal
  • 26.07.11 München (de) - LMU
  • 09.02.11 München (de) - Kafe Kult
  • 18.01.11 Berlin (de) - Club Levée
  • 08.01.11 München (de) - Kafe Kult


  • 12.12.10 München (de) - Kafe Kult


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